Joe Biden Gives Donald Trump A Blunt Reminder Of What They Tweeted On Same Day In October

One day. Two very contrasting tweets.

Presumptive Democratic 2020 nominee Joe Biden on Thursday pointed out how, on the same day in October 2019, he was warning on Twitter about the United States’ lack of preparedness for a pandemic while President Donald Trump was posting some head-scratching advice for Apple CEO Tim Cook.

“Two tweets from the same day in October,” tweeted Biden with screenshots of the posts:

Indeed, Biden did on October 25 call for “leadership that builds public trust, focuses on real threats, and mobilizes the world to stop outbreaks before reach our shores.”

Trump, meanwhile, was whining about the swipe function on the iPhone:

Biden lamented in a later tweet Thursday that the coronavirus crisis “didn’t have to be this bad.”

Biden’s campaign has this week hammered Trump with multiple tweets and attack ads, as the nationwide death toll from the pandemic topped 100,000.

Trump continues to face criticism for initially downplaying the threat of the pandemic and then dithering with his response.

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