Don Lemon Issues ‘Dire Warning’ About How To Survive Coronavirus Under Trump

Don Lemon said on Wednesday that Americans need to tune out President Donald Trump if they hope to survive the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

In what he called a “dire warning,” the CNN host shared the latest COVID-19 statistics, which show the nation’s three most populous states ? California, Texas and Florida ? reaching new highs for confirmed cases. 

Trump claims the increase in coronavirus cases is the result of more testing, and even said he wants to “slow the testing down.” On Wednesday, his administration cut federal funding for tests, which may lead to the closure of 13 testing centers across five states.

“Don’t let the president fool you,” Lemon said. “This has nothing to do with increased testing, nothing at all.” 

Around the country, Lemon said, there are “real and frightening spikes” in cases. Yet Trump has repeatedly said that the infections were winding down, and has refused to wear a mask despite advice from his own administration to do so.

“It’s incredibly sad that I have to say this,” Lemon said. “But if you value your health at this point, do not believe the president of the United States. The president of the United States, who was acting today as if the coronavirus is in the rearview mirror.”

See more of Lemon’s monologue below: 

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