COVID-19 Reopenings: Views From HuffPost Readers

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 “I don’t believe a word of it. He’s just saying it because he can’t stand to be wrong ? and no one can prove whether he is or he isn’t. He’s actually very careful with himself and wouldn’t take the risk.”

— Carol Kraines

“So he’s taking a drug that he touts as a ‘cure’ for a condition he doesn’t have. Meanwhile, those with autoimmune conditions like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis are unable to get this drug.”

— Carol Vokoun

“Trump is threatening the states who are exercising their right to place any voting system in [that] they wish, all because it doesn’t fit his stunning obsession to get elected.”

— Robert McIntyre

“Making it difficult for another American to vote ? even if you hate their ideology ? makes you the crappiest American it’s possible to be.”

— Heller Highwater

“Congregations of faithful are finding wonderfully imaginative and effective ways to worship collectively, if not in person.”

— Mary Goshert

“Some people want their rights without taking responsibility for their actions ? a common theme with potentially lethal consequences.”

— Jack Neuman

“It doesn’t matter to me that he plays golf. What bothers me [is that] he slams others for doing what he is doing. Obama plays golf during the Ebola outbreak with two dead and Trump is ready to have the guy drawn and quartered.”

—  Robert Barr

“Now the virus appears to be spreading to states that voted for Trump.” 

— Rosalee Harris

“Churches are NOT essential. And churches most certainly do not unite us, as he stated. Churches cause just as much division as he does.”

— Bryan Haley

“Since when did any God deem it essential that you must pray only in a designated place of worship? Praying is an option; so is getting infected. Infecting others isn’t.”

— Sajjana Vidheja

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